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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Simply gorgeous!!! Good to hear from you, hope things are going smoothly. I've had little time to blog these days, so little time to garden in the Midwest, we need sun so bad, just for the spirit, but rain is what we receive, but the river crested and is now SLOWLY receding.

    I'm sitting at my PC with a wool sweater on...will it ever be warm again??? I'm so sick of layering on the clothes!

    Have a wonderful rose-filled day..I'm gonna go pick dandelions(and feed the chickens)...soooo countrified...ha!!!

  2. Hello sweet Kim, Beautiful photo! I love your gorgeous roses, the beautiful old bottle, and the lace curtains! Simple, but stunning! Gorgeous as always dear friend! I hope you are doing well and enjoying lovely spring weather! Much love, Paula

  3. Poetry, in still life ... beautiful!

  4. Truly beautiful Kim!
    Hope you are well!!

  5. My Dear Kim,
    How can we live so close and be so far apart? Busy ladies, both of us. I have you in my thoughts and close to my heart. You add such beauty to that heart of mine when I see your beautiful photographs. Love You, CeCe


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