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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Afton ...

our newest cottage stray.

isn't she beautiful?

right at 'home'..

in her sweet (stray) chair

perfect  purr-fect pair.


  1. OMG...I was just thinking about you today wondering how you were doing, been a long time...hope all is well.

    Your newest is adorable and looks quite at home in that comfy old chair...I just posted a couple days ago about a chair almost identical to that one, it too was owned by a cat according to the damage to the arms...the little dears! You have a good heart...AND NO TERRIER!!!

    Good to talk to ya!

  2. Beautiful new kitty! How wonderful you found this darling !

  3. She looks just like my stray cat Toby! What a pretty little girl, and I love her chair.

  4. Awwww...she's adorable and so happy in her little chair!!! You are wonderful for taking her!!

  5. Hi Kim! So nice to see you ~ hope you are well and enjoying your summer!

    I agree...they are a purrfect pair!!

  6. Oh she is ! and so happy she has a warm, loving home now. she looks a lot like Wynona a pretty pale Ginger baby.

  7. Hi Kim-

    It was so nice to meet you today. Cute kitty, I have a kitty that looks like your cat with a fluffy tail. :)

    Ya know what? I know why "Sweet Sage Vintage" sounded so familiar...I already had a link to your blog from my other blog( Talk about a small world!

    LOVE your booth, it's so darling! ;)


  8. Hello Kim,
    It has been a while ... what a beautiful new addition to your nest. Though I have yet to meet a feline I could not resist. Indeed, they are a perfect pair.

    I hope your summer has been a delightful one ... I know it has been hot, hot, hot there in the big X! I shall wish a bit of our cooler weather to come your way ... Wishing you a blessed and blissful week ahead.

  9. Kim~ Your photos of this beautiful kitty are stunning! Hope you are doing well and having a nice summer. Love~ Mandy

  10. They always find you, don't they? You make such a nice, sweet, safe haven for them. Kitty looks so content.

  11. I just found your lovely blog! I hope all is well you have not posted in a while? New follower and I love you for loving Cats. They are lucky to find you!
    Your pic's are so nice, I will be back!

    And I love your blog!


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